Roadrunner Law Firm Supports the Guardians of the Children

Bikers get such a bad rap sometimes, but the truth is that bikers are some of the most bad-ass, hardcore supporters and protectors of the most vulnerable people in our communities, and they do it all without any need for props or applause.

Guardians of the Children Rio Grande Chapter is just one example of how the biker community goes above and beyond–often unrecognized and unsung–to protect our community’s kids.  This amazing organization was formed in 2006 in San Antonio, TX, “by a dedicated group of bikers who saw the need to educate and increase awareness of the ramifications and effects of child abuse.” This amazing group of motorcyclists works tirelessly to raise funds and bring awareness to child abuse and neglect issues in and around Albuquerque.  In addition, they hold toy drives, free community events, and advocacy events to help our city’s kids be safer, happier, and healthier.

Roadrunner Law Firm is so proud to support GOC in these efforts. We were honored to donate some gift cards and bicycles to the GOC’s recent 5th Annual Family Fun Day in Los Lunas–where over 100 bicycles were given away to kids in need, and hundreds of folks were fed a delicious BBQ meal free of charge.

We’re honored to continue to support your efforts, GOC.