Personal injury lawyers become the best champions for you when all the life planning falls by the wayside because of another individual’s irresponsible behavior. If you’ve been hurt or lost a loved one due to the negligence of another person, a personal injury lawyer might just be your new best hope for a bright future.

Millions Recovered For Personal Injury Victims.

Such egregious actions on the part of the person or persons responsible can leave any victim with injuries in need of medical attention or in a position where they’re unable to work. In the latter case, that can leave the victim financially vulnerable, a situation that magnifies the injustice of what’s taken place. This is where we come in, to offer the victim the best legal representation as a personal injury lawyer in Albuquerque NM.

Personal Injury Victim? Call Roadrunner Law.


We’re proud to be different from other injury law firms. We bring multiple attorneys to focus on your case, so you can focus on getting better.

Whether your injury is due to negligence on the part of an individual or some entity that leads to a slip-and-fall, inattention when driving any sort of vehicle or aggressive actions taken by those on the road, we can help. Regardless of the cause, the damage delivered can lead to injuries that can be debilitating, resulting in years of extensive medical bills. Some injuries are severe enough to deliver lifelong pain in the form of brain injuries or those that damage the back or spine.

We work to get you the compensation you deserve, taking care of the hard work like negotiating with insurance companies, handling court paperwork and appearances, and overall supporting you to recover your life.

Battling Insurance Companies

In most personal injury cases, suing an individual translates into suing their insurance company. When going up against an insurance company, victims should always be wary of their intentions or their perceived concern. Attorneys for the insurance company prioritize the agency’s bottom line and often attempt to take advantage of an uninformed plaintiff.

Without a seasoned personal injury by your side, you can end up being cheated by insurance companies, especially when you discover later that you still need medical attention. We know their techniques and how to win the best possible outcome for our clients.

Car and Motorcycle Accidents

Many personal injury lawsuits in Albuquerque NM come as a result of accidents connected to either a car or motorcycle. When it comes to car accidents, you don’t even have to be inside a vehicle to suffer injuries or death. That’s because pedestrians and cyclists are often at danger from drivers who run red lights, sharply cut corners or simply go high above the posted speed limit.

Personal injury victims can also be passengers inside a car that’s being driven in an irresponsible manner, a harrowing prospect that can also lead to severe injuries and even death.

Car accidents in the state of New Mexico remain an ever-present danger, with an average of more than one death per day from such mishaps being a stark reality. That demonstrates the wisdom in having a passionate voice within the legal system who can advocate on your behalf in these types of scenarios.

For those who enjoy riding the open road in their motorcycle, such happiness can be abruptly shattered. The cause comes from drivers who fail to take into account that paying extra attention to bikers and cyclists can help keep them safe. Looking twice is a standard driver safety tip with regard to cyclists, yet it’s a philosophy that’s routinely ignored.

Motorcycle accidents can be especially deadly as riders have limited protections, other than a helmet. Even that may not be enough, with a wide spectrum of painful and potentially lethal injuries the end result. Recovering from such injuries can take years or even a lifetime, a prospect that deserves compensation for the victims.

Types of Personal Injury Cases

It’s impossible to predict how a life altering injury might strike. Our firm has seen everything from a simple rear-end vehicle collision to incredibly complicated multi-car crashes involving multiple powerful corporations and dozens of experts. Here are just some of the personal injury cases we’ve encountered:

Car accidents, Motorcycle accidents, Large truck accidents, Pedestrian accidents, Bicycle accidents, Rideshare accidents, Scooter accidents, Slip-and-fall accidents, Drunk driver crashes, Wrongful death.

How does an injury affect you?

People injured by the negligence of another can face a lifetime of changes. This may range from a brief recovery period with the help of competent medical professionals to a lifetime of chronic conditions caused by the accident. Some people may be unable to continue their jobs, or may even be permanently unemployable.

It will be tempting to take a quick settlement when you’re in the middle of this stressful time. Don’t accept anything till you’ve talked with a personal injury lawyer. Our Albuquerque personal injury lawyers can help you know what the impact of your injuries may be and plan accordingly. After all, if you’re going to be facing major changes to your life such as a career change, the offer from the insurance company needs to account for how that changes your income, your lifestyle, future treatments and more.

Serious injuries in a personal injury case

We’ve seen major injuries from minor accidents, and victims of major accidents recover in next to no time. It’s just impossible to know the full extent of your injuries without getting competent medical help. Here are some of the serious injuries we’ve seen before:

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs), including personality changes, seizures, depression, cognitive decline, etc. Spinal cord injuries, total or partial paralysis, including paraplegia and quadriplegia. Neck injuries, Back trauma, major lacerations (cuts), Injuries to organs, Broken bones and fractures, Joint injuries including the ankles, knees, wrists, hips and more. Severe burns, Facial injuries, and traumatic Road Rash.

As you can see there are a wide variety of ways to be hurt. That means your path to recovery will need to be customized to YOUR specific situation. The Albuquerque personal injury lawyers can help you make that road map, work with medical professionals to get you care, and plan for your long-term well being.

Thinking About a Personal Injury Claim in Albuquerque? Here’s Some Common Questions.

There are a few things you need to know about your personal injury claim. Here we try to help you in deciding what’s next

There are two main categories of “damages” in a Albuquerque personal injury claim. First is “economic” and second is “Non-Economic.” We discuss both of these below. “Compensatory damages” is the broad term that refers to both economic and non-economic damages. A personal injury case isn’t about making everything magically better. It’s about getting money to compensate you for the damages to your life. That’s what “compensatory damages” means.

Economic damages refers to things that can be given a price. For example your vehicle has a cash value. Your medical treatment has a set, measurable cost. Money you weren’t able to earn because you missed work is another example. There are a lot of economic damages that happen after a crash or other type of personal injury. We can help you PROVE those damages in court. We even help you collect the records and bills so you can focus on healing.

Non-economic damages are more subjective. This might include things like the price-tag for going through months of pain, or the suffering of your family while you were down. In cases of wrongful death the value of a life can’t really be measured, but the damage is still very real.

Proving non-economic damages can be difficult. These types of damages are almost always totally personal and not measurable. One way we try to put a value on your injuries is to ask “what would somebody have to pay you for you to be willing to go through this voluntarily?”

Our job as your personal injury attorneys is to use our experience working with judges, mediators, juries, and experts to tell your story completely. We have been through this before so we know what works and what doesn’t. That brings us to the next thing to consider: Do you need a personal injury lawyer?

Let’s be real: If you’ve experienced an injury because of another person, it may be that you don’t actually need a lawyer. But if you have been involved in a serious accident or your injuries require going to the hospital you really do need to talk with a lawyer to at least discuss your legal rights and options.

After an accident that causes you an injury, you’re going to have to deal with insurance adjustors and go through the claims process. If your injuries are severe, this is the last thing you need to deal with. From the very beginning of your case we can step in and help. We can file the claim and speak with the adjustors on your behalf.

If you try to go it alone the insurance adjustors have one job and one job only: minimize their payment to you. That means they might offer a quick payment that seems big, but they know will never be enough to cover all you need. They might even offer to cover your medical bills, but not tell you about how your policy covers other damages like lost wages, partial disability, pain and suffering, long-term trauma, future medical needs, and more.

Your Albuquerque personal injury attorney knows the law. We know what the adjusters can and can’t do and we can force them to honor their policies with you.

We lawyers love to say things like “pay nothing (until you win).” It’s easy to understand and is appealing. However there are costs to using personal injury attorneys. The good news is that study after study shows that people who hire a lawyer tend to go home with much more money than they would have even if they didn’t hire a lawyer.

Some of the expenses that might come up in your case include finding and hiring experts who can testify to the reality and severity of your pain and injuries. We may need investigators to find out things like how much insurance the at-fault party has, or if they’re being honest. It’s also very common to need an accident scene reconstruction expert who can analyze the scene of a crash and testify to what really happened.

All that costs money. The good news is that we pay for it all on your behalf. So you don’t need to come up with the tens of thousands of dollars that experts sometimes cost. Once the case has settled these experts are paid from the settlement value.

If you need to discuss your case and see how expenses and fees break down, call Roadrunner Law today for a free consultation.

It’s impossible to know how much a jury might award you if your case goes to trial. In New Mexico the personal injury claim has two parts: economic damages and non-economic damages.

Your economic damages might be your medical bills, lost wages, future medical bills, repairs to property, and other things with a real price tag. Juries understand that sort of thing, but there’s more to it than that.

What did the injury do to your life, to your relationships, to your plans for the future? Did the insurance company honor its promises or did they try to weasel out of it? Was the other party reckless and stupid, or was it just a pure accident? All of these things can affect the value of your claim. Your personal injury law firm has to act like generals on a battlefield, organizing the fight against the insurance companies and against the bias of the jury.

In essence, the better we are at telling your story and getting people to believe you, the more your case is worth. We know how to tell your story and win.

Again, it’s time for real talk. Using an Albuquerque personal injury attorney means things will take longer than if you do it on your own. But that’s a good thing! Why? Because if you do it on your own the insurance company will make an offer and that’s all you’ll get. Bam. Done.

But when you involve a personal injury attorney, the adjustor can’t bully you into accepting their offer. They can’t speak to you at all! Instead the have to negotiate with us, and at Roadrunner Law we don’t give in.

The other good news is that you can still get medical treatment even if the case hasn’t settled. We can help you find medical professionals who will treat you and are willing to wait to get paid till the case is over.

New Mexico has a rule called “comparative negligence.” This means that when two (or more) people are involved in a wreck, there’s a question of who is at fault. Almost always the jury will agree that both sides have at least SOME fault in the accident.

For example, if you were in a car accident with another driver a jury might say that the other driver was 75% at fault and you were 25% at fault.

This affects your personal injury claim by reducing it by the percentage of fault you have. So, in the example given above, if your damages were $100,000, you would be awarded $75,000.

Obviously this has a HUGE effect on how cases work out. It is absolutely vital that we can prove that you were not at fault or at least reduce your percentage of fault as much as possible. That’s where our experience and resources come in. We can find the experts who can testify to what really happened and tell the true story.

Even in cases where the police say YOU are at fault a good personal injury attorney can prove that you were not to blame.

As a general rule of thumb, the more serious your injuries the longer it will take to resolve your case. This is true for a couple reasons:

First, because we want you to get better before trying to deal with the challenge of a trial, so we often encourage our clients to get treated for their injuries as much as possible before we make our demand on your behalf. That’s just because we need to know how much the demand should be for.

Second, the more serious the injuries, the more likely the insurance company will want to fight in court rather than settle. If they know your injuries are going to cost hundreds of thousands in medical bills, they are willing to get a few experts for themselves and fight in court to try and pressure a lower settlement. But don’t worry. We never give in till we get the results you want.

What to Expect From Our New Mexico Personal Injury Lawyers

if you choose to pursue a claim with the help of our law firm you’ll get the expertise of our entire legal team on your case. This means our personal injury attorneys will leverage their knowledge and experience together on your case. You’ll also have a paralegal or case manager assigned to your case. That person will be your main point of contact and they will be dedicated to all the annoying and difficult work like getting your medical records, collecting bills, making sure we never miss a court deadline, and more.

Your attorneys will be writing court appropriate documents that force the insurance into working in OUR process instead of theirs. In New Mexico there are specific laws, methods, and deadlines that must be met in a personal injury case. It’s the kind of work that only an experienced New Mexico personal injury attorney can do.

Let Us Help You

Having more than two decades worth of experience in fighting for the legal rights of New Mexico personal injury victims, the Roadrunner Law Firm is uniquely equipped to handle your case. Contact us today if you or someone you know is in need of our services. We offer a free consultation to hear the merits of your case and are prepared to pursue all legal remedies on your behalf. Give us a call at 505-444-4321 or just fill out our online form for a free case evaluation.

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