Blazejewski & Hansen Law Firm is a Diamond Member of the Albuquerque Independent Business Association.  We believe our city is unique, and we also believe that it is fundamentally important to support locally-owned businesses to keep our city and state vibrant, unique, and diverse.

Since we’re located downtown, we know firsthand how hard the ART project construction has been on many of our awesome homegrown businesses. So we’re making a special effort to visit at least one business affected by the ART construction every day. It’s a small thing, but if all of us make the same effort to choose to go out of our way to visit a business in Nob Hill or EDO during construction, we can make a real difference to the folks trying to weather the next few months of decreased business access.

Today, Eva and Heather stopped into Standard Diner located in EDO. Central is all torn up in both directions right out in front of the diner, but it’s really not that hard to get in and out on Arno, and it’s well worth the effort.

It was quiet when we arrived at about 2:30. We experienced excellent, friendly, and attentive service and really great food. We shared a plate of ahi tacos, some avocado deviled eggs, and a couple orders of (the truly incredible) buffalo cauliflower.

Standard offers happy hour deals and daily food specials. This was Heather’s first visit to Standard! But it definitely won’t be her last–Eva and Heather plan to make the diner one of their lunchtime mainstays. Standard Diner is located at 320 Central SE in East Downtown.

We know that restaurant reviews really don’t have anything to do with personal injury law, but we all have a responsibility to make this city better and to support each other when we can. So please brave the construction mess and visit Standard or another Central Ave business soon. We’ll be continuing to do so, and we’ll keep sending out our support on our blog and social media to these incredible places that make Albuquerque so special.