At Roadrunner Law, we are more than just another big billboard law firm.  We don’t pretend to be local—we actually live and work right here in New Mexico.  This is our home, and we love it here.

That’s why Roadrunner Law Firm works so hard to be involved in growing and giving back to our community.  When you check us out on social media, you might catch us one week donating bicycles to a community group working to stop child abuse.  The next, we might be sponsoring an event for an animal shelter or providing Uber rides to help address drunk driving in our state.

We do these things not only because they are fun and rewarding, but also because they have an impact on our city and state.  For example, people might wonder why we are so connected to the New Mexico United soccer community—but this is an awesome, family-friendly and affordable entertainment that is making our community better and raising New Mexico pride.  It’s a tight and close knit community that helps each other.  It’s a way to celebrate our uniqueness as a culturally and ethnically diverse state that is still United.  Roadrunner Law and all the fans and sponsors of United will work hard to ensure the continued brotherhood and sisterhood of the team’s supporters.  So come have fun with us at these events, come tailgate before the games and give us suggestions for any community events we should be involved in.

We work hard for our clients and for our communities.  Roadrunner Law Firm cares, and Roadrunner Law Firm gives back.