Large commercial trucks are basically mountains of momentum, and when that mountain is involved in a crash it can cause serious injury or even death to anyone involved. Unfortunately, a large number of truck accidents happen in New Mexico every year and the corporations that own and operate these trucks are quick to protect themselves and shut down the rights of the injured. If you’ve been involved in a crash with a large commercial truck you might have rights that nobody is telling you about.

What the trucking companies wont tell you after a crash

Commercial truck drivers are required to follow a wide variety of safety rules established not only by their companies but by state and federal law. Any time they deviate from these standards it puts somebody else at risk and may be the true cause of an accident. Trucking companies may try to blame you, the victim, for the crash; but they aren’t telling you what you need to know to prove that you are entitled to fair compensation to help you recover completely.

While there are many things that can cause a truck accident, failing to follow industry standards and state safety laws are a primary reason. Don’t let them blame you for their mistakes!
Large truck safety standards and regulations

Truck maintenance and repair

The commercial truck company and its driver have the sole responsibility to maintain and repair the vehicle and make sure that nothing goes wrong mechanically. Every year countless major accidents occur because the driver or the owner of the truck got lazy, ignored maintenance standards, or otherwise put drivers at risk by not taking care of this dangerous and massive vehicle. Our truck accident experts can find what they’re hiding and reveal the maintenance that may have been the true cause of the crash, from a broken signal indicator to a failure to maintain tires before a blowout.

Bad weather driving

Rain, heavy fog, snow, high winds, and dust storms are just some of the dangerous weather conditions that truck drivers may face on the roads. Commercial truck drivers are often forced to stick to a schedule by the truck companies, even if it means taking terrible risks in bad weather. That means rather than reduce speed or stop as they should, truck drivers may continue to drive as if the situation was perfectly safe. This reckless behavior and disregard for the safety of other drivers causes truck crashes all the time. Drivers who fail to take appropriate action during bad weather and the companies that train them can be held liable for this reckless behavior.

Parking appropriately

A commercial truck can cause terrible accidents simply by being stopped or parked improperly. Trucks are to be parked only in designated areas, and when no truck parking exists drivers must place out warning triangles, cones, or flaggers to alert drivers and keep them safe. The truck companies may try to blame you for hitting a truck and claim that the truck driver did nothing wrong. But if the driver didn’t park safely and alert you to the danger their truck presented, it may be the truck driver’s fault. Our truck crash experts can reconstruct the accident scene and prove what really happened.

commercial trucks parked

A limited number of hours spent driving per day

Over tired truck drivers are one of the main causes of commercial truck crashes. State and federal regulations limit how many hours per day a driver can operate his or her truck. But trucking companies often push their drivers to go over that limit for the sake of their profits. When you’re involved in a crash with a commercial truck, the trucking company will never willingly tell you that the driver had been on the road over hours or had been fatigued for days. You will need the help of a truck accident attorney to get this kind of essential data to prove your case and get justice.

Cargo must be secured

Trucks with improperly secured cargo inside or on top of the truck can cause deadly accidents on the road. Strong regulations exist on how cargo is to be secured and transported and any failure to comply with those regulations means that the driver and trucking company can be held responsible for the injuries they cause.

Most truckers are skilled professionals

Most truck drivers are skilled professionals who drive defensively and take great care to do their work with pride and dignity. However, with the never-ending pressure from trucking companies, long hours, challenging weather conditions, and impossible situations, even the best driver can accidentally cause terrible injury to another. If you’ve been hurt in a truck accident, call Roadrunner Law Firm today to discuss your case and your rights. There is no fee to talk and we’re glad to share our expertise.