We haven’t posted much lately because we’ve been so busy with our involvement in various community events, and of course we’ve been busy taking care of our clients!  But we wanted to take some time to send shout-outs to the great folks we’ve been lucky enough to meet this summer.

In May, we attended the Red River Memorial Day Motorcycle Rally.  We wanted to let New Mexico riders know that we’re here if they need us, and that we strongly support our community of bikers and their right to ride.  We are corporate members of the New Mexico Motorcycle Rights Organization, and we strongly support efforts in our legislature to make our roads safer for motorcyclists. We’ve seen many, many cases of motorcyclists hurt by distracted, careless, reckless drivers, and we understand that motorcyclists are some of our best-trained, most careful users of our roads.  So we wanted to get out to Red River and let folks know that we support NM Motorcyclists!

We want to send a huge thank you to Michael, Bobbie Jo, and the whole team at Resort Realty in Red River.  These folks really went above and beyond to make our stay comfortable and memorable.  We were able to hang out at the Hotel Ryland and get to know a lot of the bikers who hit the rally every year.  We had a great time hanging out with these friendly folks!

We also want to send a huge shout out to Texas Reds Steakhouse.  We were just down the road from this awesome restaurant and bar, and the staff there was just incredible, not to mention the amazing in-house music.  We got to see Albuquerque natives Honeyhouse (aka Missing Mandy), and really cannot recommend trying to catch them highly enough if you have the chance.  They are absolutely fabulous, and of course Eva and I love the girl power!

Then, in June, we got to attend the annual Running the L.A.W. (Ladies Annual Weekend) at Isleta Resort and Casino as Platinum Sponsors.  This amazing event brings female bikers from all over the country together to share in a common love of the ride!  We had an amazing time meeting the fabulous Toni TooFine, organizer of the ride, as well as the incredible Porche Taylor, editor of Black Girls Ride magazine!  We were so happy to meet so many female riders from all over the United States, and to let them know that we’re here in New Mexico if they need us.

These ladies did an incredible job of organizing the event, and we want to thank everyone involved.  We were also extremely impressed with the catering and facilities at Isleta.  Everything we experienced, from brunch to the pool area, was top notch, and we appreciate the professionalism of everyone involved in pulling off a great weekend.

We have lots more events on the horizon, including the 2017 La Mosca Bicicleta, organized by Duke City Wheelmen.  We are proud corporate sponsors of this fabulous event.  We strongly support the Wheelmen in their mission to promote bicycle awareness and safety in New Mexico.  More to come soon!