Let’s get one thing out of the way: The most dangerous thing on the road for any motorcycle rider is a distracted driver. Our Albuquerque Motorcycle Lawyers have seen countless motorcycle injuries and far too many of them were caused by the people in cars, not the rider.

Whew! So now that we got that out of the way, here’s the question: What type of motorcycle is most dangerous?

The Research on Dangerous Motorcycles

The data suggests that sport bikes are in more fatal accidents than cruisers or touring bikes. But that isn’t the end of the story. Don’t rubber-stamp that statement with a “sports bikes are more dangerous” assumption. The truth is far more complicated.

Research further suggests that the majority of sport bike owners and riders are in their teens and twenties. This means the overall population of sport bike riders is much younger than the average cruiser rider. (Ask Harley Davidson about their aging demographics sometime.) Youth comes with many advantages, but experience, maturity, and road knowledge aren’t one of them.

A System Built to Kill

This is a good chance to highlight a major problem faced by motorcycle riders today: The whole world seems hell-bent on pushing riders into riding overpowered sports bikes with little or no training. What do we mean? Consider this:

US News reports cruisers cost, on average, $13,000, while sports bikes can be had brand new for $5000 or less. For somebody who needs transportation an overpowered sports bike makes economic sense. Next the cost of motorcycle safety classes can be hundreds of dollars, with prices sometimes doubled at some cruiser dealerships, leading many to say “skip it, I’ll just ‘ride dirty.'”

No wonder too many young people end up on motorcycles that are too powerful for them, with little to no training. And no wonder the tragic fatality statistics follow.

The Rider, not the Bike

Any experienced rider will tell you that the difference between a safe motorcycle and a dangerous one is the rider. A rider who understands how to control power, how to read the street, how to make decisions on the road will be safe on any bike. Inexperienced, reckless, and aggressive riders on even the most “tame” of bike will still be a risk to themselves and others.

The Truth About Dangerous Motorcycles

The truth is this: No motorcycle has seatbelts and airbags and a cage built around the rider to protect from collisions. That means motorcycles are always going to be “dangerous” when an accident happens.

Car drivers can help make motorcycles safer by simply being aware of motorcycles on the road. Check your blind spots, always look specifically for motorcycles–especially when turning left! The actions of car drivers are a huge part of what makes motorcycles safe, or deadly.

Hurt in a Motorcycle Wreck?

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