What is a plaintiff’s attorney?  When Roadrunner Law Firm says, “we are civil personal injury lawyers,” what does that really mean?

Plaintiff’s personal injury lawyers help people who have been injured due to the carelessness, recklessness, or negligence of other individuals or businesses.  Put simply, our job is to find money to help our clients put the pieces back together after they have been injured.  But good personal injury lawyers go further.  Roadrunner Law Firm’s top team of injury attorneys works hard to send strong messages to wrongdoers that their bad conduct is wrong.


Premises Liability

In addition to vehicle involved collisions, Roadrunner Law Firm also handles a number of unique premises liability claims.  These cases arise from the bad conduct of a business.  Corporations and businesses have a duty to the public to keep their premises safe for visitors, customers, and guests.  This means that a store should be free of hazardous debris and materials that might make someone sick or cause them to fall.  Stores should also provide appropriate security to make sure guests are safe from criminals who might target people in parking lots or elsewhere on the premises.  This duty also extends to making sure their employees are properly vetted, trained, and supervised.



Adequate Security – Real Case Example

Adequate security is one of the ways a business can keep its premises safe.  In Albuquerque, the unfortunate fact is that many areas of town deal with a high rate of crime.  Roadrunner Law Firm  handled a case involving a man who was attacked with a golf club at a local convenience store.  In the two years prior to the attack, police were called to that same store over a hundred times, many of the calls were for violent crimes taking place.  However, the business had no security guard, no security patrol, and nobody there to help prevent customers or employees from being attacked or killed.  This business had a clear duty to analyze the security risk to its customers, but it chose not to.  Security guards and patrols deter criminal attacks, but in this case there was no one around to help prevent the attack on our client.  Unfortunately, our client suffered a severe brain injury and his life will never be the same.  Roadrunner Law believes that when a multi-million dollar corporation is aware that one of their stores is in a dangerous neighborhood, where a high volume of crimes is taking place on a daily basis, that corporation has a duty to take action to protect its customers.  Through the civil personal injury system, Roadrunner Law Firm’s team of expert attorneys works to make these corporations step up and take responsibility for their actions.

Violent armed robberies in parking lots; shootings at apartment complexes; sexual or physical assaults at hospitals or medical offices; serious injuries from debris or toxic substances negligently left uncovered at a business; Roadrunner Law Firm works hard to right these wrongs and more.

If you’ve been the victim of the bad conduct of a business who should have been doing more to protect your safety, contact us today!