Do you own and operate a motorcycle in New Mexico? If so, there are some motorcycle laws in Albuquerque NM that you should be aware of, to keep yourself and others safe from harm, to prevent needing a personal injury lawyer.

  1. A helmet isn’t necessarily required. Regarding helmet laws in NM, although it is recommended for anyone on a motorcycle for safety reasons, only persons under the age of 18 (both operators and passengers) are legally required to wear a helmet in New Mexico, especially in case of a motorcycle accident.
  2. There are no legal restrictions on handlebar height; just make sure they’re comfortable for you and allow you to operate your motorcycle safely.
  3. Riding next to another motorcycle is allowed. As long as both riders consent and it is done in a safe manner, two bikes can be next to each other in the same lane.
  4. Lane splitting is not ok. It is not currently legal for a motorcycle to drive between two lanes of traffic in New Mexico. This may be convenient for the rider, but it can be very unsafe and can anger other drivers on the road and can cause a car accident.
  5. Check the local laws for allowed sound levels. For Harley riders and others who have had their bikes tuned to be a little louder than normal, there is no state-wide acoustical max. However, be sure to check the laws of any municipality or area you’re driving through to be sure to respect their regulations.

To have this information about motorcycle laws in New Mexico easily accessible for future reference, download this PDF. If you are a motorcycle operator who has been hurt and is looking for a personal injury lawyer in Albuquerque, NM, Roadrunner Law is here to help.

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